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Reform and Rebuild are dedicated to addressing the urgent challenges experienced by both life sentence and IPP prisoners within the system.

Our primary objective is to offer an up-to-date and comprehensive service that provides materials, support, advice, and information to prisoners, their families, and friends. By staying current with the latest developments and regulations within the prison system, we ensure that our information is accurate and relevant.

Our guidance and support are rooted in our personal experiences within the system, enabling us to truly understand the challenges faced by prisoners and their loved ones, as well as the crucial need for advice and assistance. Our dedication lies in promptly addressing your inquiries and concerns, whether they relate to prisoner rights, communication support, accessing prison policies, emotional assistance, general prison information, or connecting you with additional support networks.

Serving as a conduit, we facilitate communication within the system and bridge the gap between prisoners and the outside world. We provide guidance on prison regulations and procedures, act as intermediaries with legal teams and prison and probation staff on your behalf, involve you in campaigns and media publications, assist with representations and supporting statements, address any pending miscellaneous tasks that prisoners or families may be unable to handle, and offer comprehensive support.

Our commitment extends to empowering prisoners, families, and friends with the knowledge they need to advocate for themselves and their loved ones. We recognise the importance of a strong support network during these challenging times and aim to provide a compassionate and reliable source of assistance.

With our dedicated team and comprehensive range of services, our mission is to make a positive and lasting impact. We are committed to advocating for improved conditions, fair treatment, and enhanced access to essential services for life and IPP sentence prisoners.

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