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We are an advice, information, campaign and support network service dedicated to assisting prisoners serving life sentences, as well as their families and friends, who are navigating the prison system.

Our mission is to offer prisoners and their loved ones free assistance, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the prison system, legal rights, and the available support resources. In addition, we are committed to raising awareness about the profound and far-reaching impact that life sentences have on individuals, the prison system and society as a whole.

Given the growing prison population and the rising number of individuals serving exceptionally long sentences, we are committed to supporting those affected by the complexities and challenges present within the prison and probation environment.

We recognise the difficulties and complexities that accompany the journey through the prison system, particularly for individuals serving life sentences. Our unwavering commitment is to support you at every stage, offering guidance, information, and a nurturing network to alleviate the burdens you may encounter. 

Working together, we can endeavour to overcome the obstacles and challenges presented by the prison system, ensuring that every individual involved receives the essential support they require.

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